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A land of legend. It happens to think of it every time you come across one of those ancient buildings, whose walls evoke flavors and images of a long time. Bogliasco is today an appreciated climate center of the Levante Riviera, known as the characteristic creek, the seafront promenade and the small beach, which offers the opportunity to approach many sports such as surfing and sailing.

Young people around the world have proclaimed it “Surf Capital”. The proximity of the sea has always been an economic resource for the inhabitants, but not only because it is a large part of the population, at least until the most recent past, traditionally dedicated to agriculture. From 800 BC, Bogliasco focused on floriculture first with camellia, today with orchid (for example, the regal “Grace Kelly”). For those who want to make only a short stop, it is suitable for any period of the year: particularly marked on May 1st with the “Basanta Festival” (the beans) and the middle of July for the procession of Our Lady of Carmine, at the end of which Artificial fire evolutions light up the warm night. The third weekend in July is the Pansoti Festival, where the local “Pansoti in walnut sauce” is distributed.


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    The location is ideal for visiting the city of Genoa with its aquarium (20 Km), one of the richest and most interesting in Europe, the Old Port and the nearby Molo, Lantern and museums. In a short time you can get to Nervi (9 minutes by train), Camogli (12 minutes), Pieve Alta, Monte di Santa Croce, Monte di Portofino. In the summer, many of these excursions (the Old Port, the Aquarium of Genoa, Camogli, Portofino, Portovenere and the Cinque Terre) can be made by boat from the Bogliasco pier.

    Nearest Airport: Genoa at 23 Kilometers. Nearest Train: Pontetto: 200 meters. Nearest motorway: 5 km. Nearest cliff: 200 meters. Nearest beach: 800 meters